Nature in your Backyard

It is now easy to get one with nature even if you stay in the busiest city like Mumbai. As a kid i always adored little flower that bloom in anyone’s balcony.

Nothing beats that happy feeling of waking up, walking towards balcony and looking at healthy flowers and plants. It might be a tedious work at first like researching what kind of plants you want, getting the seeds, pot and other gardening tools.

You can start with single plant and slowly grow your nursery as you wish. Here are top 5 plants that can be easily grown at home

Snake Plant
Succulents and Cactus
Lucky Bamboo
Small moon cactus
Red rose

Having indoor plants has its own benefits:

Mood booster

Health improves

Fresh air

Friendly Environment at house

This is for anyone who is thinking to get plants for their home space, go for it. Plants are important for us and our sustainability.

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